Started by a Dad on a mission...

Stickers and Sticks all started October of 2018. My daughter, then 12, asked me if I was going to do Inktober. I had never heard of it! Um, yes!!! It quickly became a fun thing we did together that sparked both of our passions for drawing.

I'm also a music producer (hince the name Junkfeathers) that loves to collaborate with other musical artists all over the world. Every time you release a single, you need album art. So I have been doing album art for myself and my friends and even animated music videos. Wanna see the animated music video I made for Darren Claxton? -->

Basically, I'm hooked. The love of drawing I had when I was kid has been restored and here I am, making music, art, and animations.

Is it handmade?

I do the graphic design (minus the art my kiddo makes) and I design and print the stickers here at home. When I have woodworking items in the shop I also hand make those. The stickers and the wooden pieces I ship from home.
The shirts I do not make here at home. I use Printify and various print shops in the U.S. Those items get shipped from where they are printed :)

The Mission?

I believe that I should be doing more to live ecologically sustainable. I should be doing what I can to preserve the world for my daughter to live in and all future generations. The money I make will goes towards this project and into a savings account for my daughter.


Yes, i have a cat, he is black. his name is Mr Fratch and he sits on my lap (always when i'm drawing.........)

Take requests?

Yes! Message me here on etsy. I take special requests and I'm here to answer any questions about the site.

Thanks for browsing my shop!!

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